Watch the latest review of our award-winning gaming desktop on Youtube Youtuber Jezy has reviewed the AlphaBetaPC i5 RTX Gaming Desktop based on the Geforce RTX 2070 Super Graphics Card Here are a few snippets from the review: Hello everyone and welcome to another video. Today we are goi

ng to take a look at this, the AlphaBetaPC Intel i5 RTX Gaming PC, and see if it is worth buying this monster Pre-built Gaming PC here in 2020. So for £999.99 including a build time of 10 days, 3years of RTB ( return to base ) Warranty, build, and shipping costs included in the price on the surface looks like a great deal and we will touch on this in more depth later in the video. So looking at the build quality of this I5 RTX system it is evident it has been built with a passion for what they do as the cable management is on point! each system they offer comes in this distinctive case which has 4mm thick Tempered glass on 4 sides which not only shows off the hardware of the system but also shows off how good their cable management skills are. So as you can see this PC’s performance is outstanding! Also being the first PC I have had the pleasure of using with an RTX Graphics Card has given me an experience I will not forget. Although RTX being enabled Tanks the system performance in gaming there is no doubt having RTX enabled in some games can change the experience dramatically. So our verdict is the AlphaBeta I5 RTX a Monster in Sheep’s clothing and I am proud to award the AlphaBetaPC I5 RTX Gaming PC with our “Editors Choice” award. Well, I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it? hit like! If you loved it? subscribe. I hope to see you all in the next one. Scroll down to watch the video.