AMD Ryzen™9 Gaming Desktops

Blur the line between elite gaming performance and workstation-class content creation with the most advanced desktop processors in the world.

  • Up to 16 cores

  • Up to 32 processing threads

  • Up to 72 MB GameCache

AMD GameCache - More Memory On-Chip to Accelerate Gaming

Up to twice the cache of previous generations, GameCache is designed to reduce memory latency for higher frame rates in top titles.

Making Precision Boost 2 even better

Precision Boost Overdrive3 uses your X570-based motherboard’s4 robust design to boost clock speeds higher and longer, and lets you overclock at the touch of a button.

Zen Core Architecture

Improved energy efficiency, higher clock speeds and more cores than ever before.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

AMD Ryzen™9 Gaming Desktop

Select your configuration from options below and our technical team will get into action to build your desired PC.  We endeavour to deliver your PC within 10 working days.  However, if you would like your PC in a hurry or would like to change configuration then please contact us for availability.  


Higher speeds. More memory. Wider bandwidth. You must push every lever, squeeze every ounce, and leave nothing on the table. AMD’s 3rd Gen Ryzen™ processor was designed to break expectations and set a new standard for high-performance processors.


The 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ processor is built using the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology to deliver winning performance while keeping your system astonishingly cool & quiet.


3rd Gen Ryzen processors feature support for the world’s first PCIe 4.0 ready platform2, enabling the most advanced motherboards, graphics, and storage technologies available.

AMD Ryzen 9-RX5600XT

£  1475

  • AMD Ryzen™ 7 3900X Twelve Core up to 4.6Ghz Processor 
  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Motherboard
  • 32GB G-Skill Trident-z RGB 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory
  • 6GB Radeon RX5600XT Graphics Card
  • 480GB SSD Boot Drive
  • 2TB Hard Disk Storage Drive
  • 300Mbps Wifi PCI-N Card

AMD Ryzen 9-RTX2070S

£  1695

  • AMD Ryzen™ 7 3900X Twelve Core up to 4.6Ghz Processor 
  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Motherboard
  • 32GB G-Skill Trident-z RGB 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory
  • 8GB Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 SUPER Graphics Card
  • 480GB SSD Boot Drive
  •  2TB Hard Disk Storage Drive
  • 300Mbps Wifi PCI-N Card 

Standard Features



AMD X570 Chipset

The world’s first chipset with PCIe ®  4.0 support, coupling enthusiast-class features and control with the most bandwidth for graphics and storage

The world’s most advanced Socket AM4 platform for overclockers and tweakers who need the very best, the AMD X570 chipset offers comprehensive, low-level control,  and supports dual graphics card configurations thanks to two PCIe® 4.0 graphics card slots.2,3  Now includes planned support for future AMD Ryzen processors based on the “Zen 3” architecture.5


3rd Gen Ryzen 9 desktop processor, the AMD Wraith Prism cooler per-RGB LED control around the illuminated light ring and transparent fan blades. We’ve also added support for Razer Chroma, so you can enjoy ambient in-game effects that react dynamically to every action and event. The Wraith Prism isn’t just a pretty face; we’ve increased motherboard and RAM compatibility by minimizing the profile and added direct-contact heat pipes and fan overclocking control to increase thermal effectiveness, too.

Power Supply





AlphaBeta Tempered Glass Case 

Fans + Remote

2 x 200mm RGB LED for superior airflow


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AlphaBetaPC AMD Ryzen 9 Gaming Desktop PC Systems - Empowering Esports

Our AMD Ryzen 9 PC range of gaming desktops are designed as entry-level Gaming PC, for the home and moderate esports gamers.   
Here at AlphaBetaPC, we co-work with Intel, AMD and Nvidia Geforce Gaming to ensure product compatibility.
 AlphabetaPC offers a range of desktops for gaming featuring Nvidia Geforce Graphics including GTX and Geforce RTX graphics cards making it a true Nvidia GeForce gaming pc.

   AlphabetaPC's range of Gaming desktop systems are custom-built PC systems. Our Geforce gaming PC features Nvidia GTX and RTX graphics cards.
You will find a desktop GeForce gaming pc to suit any budget at AlphaBetaPC.

We can also custom build you a gaming desktop PC System Call us on  01243 604 200