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CustomPC Approved Gaming Desktop System

AlphaBeta is a new name in the PC builders - market, and its i5 RTX gets off to a solid start by offering a GeForce RTX 2070 Super GPU in a machine that costs just£999 inc VAT. A large chunk of AlphaBeta’s budget has clearly gone on the GPU, but it’s still paired with a Core i5—9600KF CPU. This chip has no integrated graphics, so it’s cheaper than the Core i5—9600K, but it’s otherwise identical, with six cores, no Hyper—Threading, and respective base and boost frequencies of 3.7GHz and 4.6GHz.

AlphaBeta has used its own case forthis PC, and the enclosure makes a stunning first impression. All its panels are made of tempered glass, and the frontand roof panels are dominated by200mm fans with R08 LEDs. A remote control changes the lighting, the roof has a handle, and the case is 290mm wide and 380mm tall, making it farsmaller than conventional ATX enclosures.

AlphaBeta has done a greatjob with cabling, which means the interior looks clean and the components are easyto access. The memory and PCI-E slots are all easy to reach, and there’s space to install pairs of 2.5in and 3.5in SSDs and hard disks.

Finally, the AlphaBetaPC system is covered by a three year return to base labour warranty with a year of parts coverage.
Overall It’s a good deal.

No other system offers an RTX 2070 Super so cheaply and the AlphaBeta i5 RTX also serves up a stunning looking case. The low price does involve some minor compromise, but you can’t beat the HARDWARE gaming performance if your budget won’t go over a grand.
If you’re searching for a smaller, more focused gaming machine,this is excellent.

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AlphaBeta Intel i5 RTX

Our Award-Winning Gaming Desktop PC 

Intel® Core™ i5-9600KF Six Core 4.60Ghz Processor
16GB G-Skill Trident-z RGB DDR4 Memory
8GB Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 SUPER Graphics Card
480GB SSD Boot Drive