Computer Shopper Review AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Office Desktop

Checkout out the latest AlphaBeta R5-3400G Desktop PC Review

We have a new review out in Computer Shopper ....

Computer Shopper has just reviewed our new R5-3400G office desktop pc system.

AlphaBetaPC is able to supply the latest Gaming desktop PC systems as well as a full range of Office-based Desktop Systems.

Here are a few snippets for the review.
AplabetaPC has maxed out the motherboards RAM Limit with a workstation-grade 32Gb of DDR4 Memory.
That is an incredible amount of memory for a £600 PC system.
The R5-3400G is based on the AMD Ryzen 3400 processor, which is a Quad-core Eight thread processor.
Storage for the system is split between an NMVe SSD boot drive at 480Gb  and a 1Tn Storage HDD.
Graphics are provided by the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G featuring the Radeon Vega 11 integrated graphics, however, this can be easily upgraded, should you need a dedicated graphics card.

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      AlphaBetaPC R5-3400G Review

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      AlphaBeta AMD R5-3400G

      Our Award-Winning Office Desktop PC 

      Amd Ryzen R5 3400 Processor
      32GB DDR4 Memory
      Radeon Vega 11 Graphics
      480GB SSD Boot Drive
      1TB Hard Disk Drive

      Computer Shopper Review of the AlphaBetaPC Office Desktop R5-3400G

      AlphaBetaPC new Office desktop Computer based system featuring the AMD Ryzen 5 Processor and review in the latest issue of Computer shopper