Edge case

Edge Series

Our EDGE Series features purpose-designed chassis. All panels are built with toughened tempered glass achieving a unique and clear design showing off your internal components. It includes two extra-large 240mm RGB fans to keep the system cool and quiet.

We have nothing to hide.


AlphaBeta PC gaming desktops, provide unrivalled flexibility with impeccable cooling features. The desktops are designed for high-end enthusiasts and individualists – all who expect the highest standards when it comes to modularity, compatibility and design for their computing power. Our systems have numerous modular options to satisfy every desire and lots of features that support special configurations.


Lifetime Support

Alphabeta PC provides lifetime access to our U.K based support team that will resolve any computer technical issues quickly.

computer build


The expert craftsmanship and testing that goes into every Alphabeta PC ensures maximum performance from your hardware.

Computer Testing

Extensive Testing

Every single computer undergoes a thorough stress test to ensure that your system does not encounter any stability issues.


be quiet!

These custom gaming PCs let you dive into the world of PC gaming with your choice of different be quiet! tower cases, coolers and power supplies, with access to the latest PC hardware including powerful graphics cards, fast processors, and more, these can be customized to be a gaming PC powerhouse. Featuring professional cable management, fully tested components, and lifetime UK-based support.

With be quiet! series, you’ll be ready for the games of the future and beyond. Even when you’re not gaming, your PC can handle any application you throw at it. With the latest next-generation hardware at your fingertips, take comfort in being future-proof and ready for any game or app.

This range can be customized with powerful next-generation GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards from NVIDIA, up to the GeForce RTX 3090. Play games at extreme resolutions and frame rates, edit videos with ease and rapidly render 3D models with the power of the Ampere architecture using RTX 30 Series graphics cards. Experience ray tracing technology in the latest games for lifelike lighting and visuals powered by next-gen GeForce RTX graphics. The right system RAM ensures your computer will reach its full potential. These gaming PCs use high-performance memory that increases your ability to multitask without lag. Perfect for rendering, programming, and editing, configuring your gaming PC with up to 64GB of RAM will keep your projects moving forward at blazing speeds.

ALPHABETA PC gaming desktops are a perfect fusion of creativity, technical expertise, and results-driven innovation. They are hand-built, rigorously tested, and serviced by a world-class team of gamers, industry veterans, and top system technicians. From the most powerful overclocked processors on the market to graphic cards that push the envelope of visual capabilities with ray-tracing technology, we build the most powerful rigs in the market.