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Proven Reliability, Quiet Operation
System Power 10 650W has been built with price-conscious users in mind that do not want to dispense on reliability and quietness. Elaborated features such as a temperature-controlled fan and a remarkably low stand-by-drain underline the value System Power 10 650W offers even at entry-level.

High-Quality Fan for Low Noise
System Power 10 650W is equipped with a temperature-controlled 120mm quality fan. It provides the low noise operation that be quiet! is famous for, offering remarkable quietness at this price-level.

Proven Reliability for CPU and GPU
System Power 10 650W provides stable and dependable power for CPU and GPU. This ensures a steady and reliable operation even when your PC meets an unexpectedly heavy load.

Efficient Operation
The 80 PLUS Bronze certification of System Power 10 650W Bronze with an efficiency rating of up to 88.5% is convincing evidence of this PSU’s power saving operation.

For a Stable PCIe Graphics Support
System Power 10 650W provides enough power for demanding graphics cards. Safety protections defend against overcurrents, over- and undervoltages, overtemperature, short circuits and overloads, thus keeping your valuable components safe.

• Temperature-controlled 120mm quality fan reduces system noise.
• Rock-solid stability with a strong 12V-rail.
• Tight voltage regulation using DC-to-DC technology.
• Dependable operation to support powerful GPUs.
• Stand-by drain of less than 0.15 watts.
• 80 PLUS® Bronze efficiency (up to 88.5%).
• Attractive black flat cables.
• Complete suite of top safety features.
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Form Factor     ATX
Edition     System Power 10
Wattage     650 W
80 PLUS Certification     80 PLUS Bronze
Max. Efficiency (at 230Vac)     88.5 %
Cooling     Fan
Fans     1 x 120mm
Internal +12V Rails     Single Rail
Rail 1 +12V     54.17 A
Rail 2 +12V     N/A
Rail 3 +12V     N/A
Rail 4 +12V     N/A
Rail 5 +12V     N/A
Rail 6 +12V     N/A
Max. Combined Output +12V     54.17 A
Modular     Yes
Modularity     Fully Wired
SLI/CrossFire     No
EPS 12V     Yes
Motherboard Connector     20+4-pin
    1 x 4+4-pin ATX 12V
    1 x 4-pin ATX 12V
    1 x 4-pin Molex
    2 x 6+2-pin PCIe
    6 x SATA

Dimensions     268 x 195 x 97 (WxHxD)
Package Type     Retail
Warranty     5 Year

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be quiet!


be quiet!



Number of Outlets


Voltage Compatibility

240 V


1 Fan

Form Factor


Maximum Wattage

650 W


4+4 CPU


Power Supply Unit


be quiet! System Power 10


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