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Proven Reliability, Quiet Operation
System Power 10 850W has been built with price-conscious users in mind that do not want to dispense on reliability and quietness. Features such as LLC + SR + DC-to-DC topology and Dual-Rail operation underline the value System Power 10 850W offers even at entry-level.

Very High Operating Efficiency
System Power 10 850W is certified 80 PLUS Gold with an efficiency rating of up to 93.4% – a truly outstanding level for this class of PSUs. The most compelling benefit is lower power consumption, lower costs, and cooler, quieter operation. Whether you are building a very quiet system or gaming system: System Power 10 850W is the price-conscious choice

Exceptionally Silent Operation
The silence-optimized 120mm be quiet! fan is thermally governed to strike the best balance between effective cooling and quietness. Airflow-optimized fan blades reduce turbulence, enabling best-in-class quiet functionality and the almost inaudible operation that be quiet! is famous for.

High-Class Technologies
LLC and Synchronous Rectifier (SR) provide very stable operation and enhanced voltage regulation. The PSU is equipped with DC-to-DC conversion for tight voltage regulation even under heavy cross-loading conditions.

Proven Reliability for CPU and GPU
System Power 10 850W provides stable and dependable power for CPU and GPU. It is equipped with 2 independent 12V-rails and supports several graphics cards with 4 PCI express connectors for GPU support.

• 80 PLUS® Gold efficiency (up to 93.4%).
• Advanced stability and voltage regulation thanks to LLC, SR and DC-to-DC .
• Silence-optimized 120mm be quiet! fan reduces system noise.
• Rock-solid stability with 2 strong 12V-rails.
• Dependable operation to support powerful GPUs.
• Stand-by drain of less than 0.15 watts.
• Attractive black flat cables.
• Complete suite of top safety features.
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Form Factor     ATX
Edition     System Power 10
Wattage     850 W
80 PLUS Certification     80 PLUS Gold
Max. Efficiency (at 230Vac)     93.4 %
Cooling     Fan
Fans     1 x 120mm
Internal +12V Rails     Dual Rail
Rail 1 +12V     40 A
Rail 2 +12V     36 A
Rail 3 +12V     N/A
Rail 4 +12V     N/A
Rail 5 +12V     N/A
Rail 6 +12V     N/A
Max. Combined Output +12V     70.8 A
Modular     Yes
Modularity     Full Modular
SLI/CrossFire     No
EPS 12V     Yes
Motherboard Connector     20+4-pin
    1 x 4+4-pin CPU +12V (EPS)
    1 x 4-pin FDD Power
    2 x 4-pin Molex
    4 x 6+2-pin PCIe
    1 x 8-pin CPU +12V (EPS)
    6 x SATA

Dimensions     220 x 100 x 300 (WxHxD)
Package Type     Retail
Warranty     5 Year

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