Coolermaster Silencio S600 Case & Coolermaster 750W Powersupply Bundle


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Coolermaster Silencio S600 Case


    The Silencio’s minimalistic design cloaks its complexity. Design elements  fine-tuned in form and function result in minimized noise and efficiently  maintained system temperatures.


    Behind the outer panels are pieces of meticulously placed sound dampening  material. The development of the Silencio was driven by Sorama’s Cam64—this  allowed for the entire sound spectrum to be visually analyzed by source,  resonance pattern, and frequency.

    With the identification of peaks within certain frequency ranges,  fine-tuning the Silencio for the dispersion of resonance was made possible,  reducing the prominence of noise generated by system components. Every detail  in design optimized the Silencio for thermal efficiency and silence, from the  type of material used to its placement.


    The Silencio utilizes a combination of sound dampening materials, from  thick soft foam to heavy mass-loaded vinyl, to precisely counter prominent  frequencies.

Form Factor     Mid Tower

Dimensions ( L x W x H )         466mm x 209mm x 460.5mm (excl. Protrusions)

Motherboard Support    ATX / Micro ATX / Mini-ITX

Coolermaster 750w PSU Powersupply MWE Bronze v2

Power Up

The MWE Bronze V2 offers a simple, reliable way to power your system safely and efficiently at a low cost. The 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency rating, DC-to-DC LLC circuit design, single 12V rail, active PFC, and temperature sensitive HDB fan offer a power supply unit that stays true to its original purpose. This PSU will handle all your core computing needs with none of the hassles or challenges of additional specialty features, software synchronization, or other bells and whistles. Just plug it into your system and get to work. For a great mid-tier computing experience, you can’t go wrong with the MWE Bronze V2.

80 Plus Bronze Certified

It’s important to understand what efficiency is and what the ratings actually mean. The efficiency rating indicates how much power is retained and/or lost when transferring it from the wall to your components. It does not indicate the overall quality of the PSU. A PSU doesn’t need an 80 PLUS Gold rating to be safe and reliable. And a PSU with an 80 PLUS Gold rating isn’t necessarily either of those things. The MWE Bronze V2 guarantees a typical efficiency of 85% while being both safe and reliable.


SATA Connectors 6

CPU Connectors 1 x 8-pin EPS1 x 4 4-pin EPS

PCI Connectors 4 x 6 2-pin PCIe

Motherboard Connectors 1 x 20 4-pin ATX

Molex Connectors 3

Modular Cables No

80Plus Rated 80 Plus Bronze

PSU Form Factor ATX

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