Corsair 5000D Airflow ATX RGB Black Case (CC-9011242-WW) – PSU / Cooling Bundle

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Corsair 5000 Series Cases
Corsair Fans - Extra Case Cooling
Corsair Power Supply
Corsair AIO Cooler
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Enjoy exceptional airflow and cooling for your components with the CORSAIR 5000D RGB AIRFLOW mid-tower ATX case.
Building on the highly acclaimed design of the 5000D AIRFLOW with its signature steel front panel, the 5000D RGB AIRFLOW takes it a step further with three included CORSAIR AF120 RGB ELITE fans. These fans boast AirGuide technology, which uses anti-vortex vanes to create a steady, concentrated airflow over your PC 's hottest components. There are also two additional 120mm fan mounts on the PSU shroud that provide additional cooling flow for your graphics card.

Choose your own bundle Pair the Corsair 5000D (CC-9011242-WW) with a Corsair Powersupply, keep the case cool with Corsair fans and cooler your processor with a Corsair AIO liquid cooler.

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