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Dark_Base_Pro_900 v2

EDGE Series

Our EDGE Series features purpose-designed chassis. All panels are built with toughened tempered glass achieving a unique and clear design showing off your internal components. It includes two extra-large 240mm RGB fans to keep the system cool and quiet.

We have nothing to hide.

It has incorporated carry handle for ease of transportation whether you are going over to a friend’s house for gaming sessions or to a Lan party event.

Supplied with a remote control that provides you with the freedom to control fan speed and RGB lighting, gaming has never been better.

With a 2 chamber design, the EDGE series not only offers support for full-size to large component support but also keeps the space footprint down.

This allows us to utilise the features of a full ATX board and graphics cards without compromising on gaming power.

Custom Built to the desired specification

Intel Desktops