QPAD Pro Gamer Membranical Gaming Keyboard Qpad MK-40

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    QPAD MK-40 Pro Gaming Membranical Keyboard, Aluminium, LED Backlit, UK Layout, Black (MK-40)

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    QPAD Pro Gamer Range Of best Gaming Keyboards Gaming keyboard Qpad MK-40

    AlphaBetaPC Esports, in partnership with Qpad, presents the best gaming keyboards the QPAD Pro Gamer QPAD MK-40 Pro Membranical Gaming Keyboard, Aluminium, LED Backlit, UK Layout, Black (Qpad MK-40)

    Due to their Membranical contacts and the adjusted coil springs, the buttons of the QPAD MK-40 offer a very soft and in particular by 30% shorter stroke than conventional keyboards. This feature maximises the entry speed and reactivity while playing - with minimum fatigue by unmatched velocity and reaction advantages.

    The QPAD MK40 has an extremely high durability to 8 million keystrokes. Traditional keyboards are usually designed for 5 million button operations. The special designed Membranical Key-Technology of the QPAD MK-40 in contrast is laid out for extensive use during your gaming sessions.

    The integrated 'Anti-Ghosting' function enables you to simultaneously press all modifier buttons (i.e. Shift key, Ctrl button, Alt and Windows button) as well as 6 additional shortcut buttons, without loosing or confusing any information (ghost button effect).

    In addition, the high-tech electronics integrated in the QPAD MK-40 guarantees extremely short button scan times and high debounce safety. These features provide for an extremely fast and reliable enquiry of each individual button entry as well as a precise identification of button operations.

    Furthermore we have equipped the QPAD MK-40 with RGB lightning. This adds style to your skill and also ensures you never lose any command even in the darkest environment. Through the special design of Membranical, the clear paragraph feel of the rapid reaction brought by the mechanical shaft is perfectly fused and the comfortable soft key feedback under the thin film structure is maintained.

    Lets you have a trigger stroke that is 30% shorter than a traditional thin-film keyboard, with directly press feedback than mechanical shaft. Increase accuracy and comfort, effectively reducing fatigue for long periods of use.


    - Premium Quality
    - Key Switch: Membranical Switch Technology
    - 19 Keys, N Key Roll Over
    - Key Strokes: 8 Million
    - Media Function Keys for Play, Volume Control, Stop, Next, Previous, Pause
    - Suspended Shaft Design
    - Simple & Independent Key Arrangement
    - Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
    - Anti-ghosting
    - Integrated Wrist Rest for Long Comfortable and Ergonomical Gaming Sessions
    - Four Lighting Modes: Breath, Cycle, Static and Off
    - Lighting: Three Colours (Green, Yellow, Red)
    - Four Levels of Brightness Allow You to Choices
    - Connectors: USB Connector
    - Language: UK Layout
    - Cable: 1.8 Meter PVC Cable
    - Keyboard Dimensions: 43.9 x 14 x 4.5 cm
    - Wrist pad Dimensions: 43.9 x 6.9 x 1.3 cm
    - Weight: 1kg