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Latest Product Reviews

Computer Shopper

A premium GPU and distinctive chassis make this a great gaming PC, both inside and out..

Tech Advisor

AlphaBetaPC’s debut PC has a lot going for it: there’s no cheaper way to get an RTX 2070 Super.

Computer Active

Not the fastest or most expandable all-purpose PC, but wonderfully different and speedy enough for most tasks.

Expert Reviews

Sometimes it’s hip to be square, at least if the Intel i5 RTX – from the newly formed PC builder firm AlphaBetaPC – is any indication.

YouTuber Jezy

Our verdict is the AlphaBeta I5 RTX a Monster in Sheep’s clothing and I am proud to award the i5 RTX with our “Editors Choice” award.


Incredible gaming performance for the price. This is a fast and good-looking rig if gaming is your top priority.

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